Anu Kaartinen

Goldsmith designer Anu Kaartinen.

Goldsmith, designer Anu Kaartinen has graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design at the Goldsmith’s School in 2002 and has been a member of Au3 Goldsmiths’ collective since 2003.
Anu wishes to design jewelry that fascinates imagination and is beautiful in an unconventional way. She is fascinated by the eternal precious metals that can be processed with their endless possibilities of renewing.
“I want to give space for asymmetry and also for a bit of randomness because they bring the piece a fascinating tension. Technically, however, work must always be carefully and appropriately manufactured.”
At its best, the jewelry has something fresh and new, without being so tightly tied to the seasonal trends passing by. Anu Kaartinen was one of The Most Beautiful Ring of the Year competition finalist in 2021.

Necklace by goldsmith designer Anu Kaartinen.

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