Jussi Louesalmi

Goldsmith Designer Jussi Louesalmi, founder of Au3 Goldsmiths

Goldsmith, designer Jussi Louesalmi graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design at the school of Goldsmiths and founded Au3 Goldsmiths together with Goldsmith Tero Hannonen. Hannonen and Louesalmi have designed and manufactured high-quality jewelry in their company, Au3 Goldsmiths since 2003.
In addition to his own wedding ring models, Louesalmi produces unique jewelry in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Uncompromising precision and creativity deliver high-quality and timeless design.
“Beauty comes from small things. I am a dreamer. I want to find solutions. The solutions for me are the insights that feed my creativity. My insights are usually tiny, small things in form or content that, however, carry throughout the jewelry. I want to find the core of the shape, the basic form from which everything starts. Then you can start to add layers. For me though, finding the basic form would be enough. I enjoy the clear shapes with a catch. ”

Louesalmi’s elegant ring models have been seen in numerous competitions and finals, where they have attracted attention with their unique and new design. In 2017 he won the 1st prize in the competition of the Most beautiful ring with the colorful Keto Meadow ring. This collection became very popular and for public demand, Jussi designed a whole collection of beautiful rings, earrings, and necklaces around the victorious Keto Meadow ring. Keto Meadow jewelry is available in Au3 Online shop, and also at several retailers in Finland.

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