The tiara is without a doubt the Queen of the jewelry and it’s a pity how rare the occasions to wear one are nowadays. Luckily as a miniature version, a ring, it’s perfectly suitable for everyday use. The Diamond Queen is a stylish and fresh-looking tiara ring with a touch nostalgy and fantasy impressions in its design.
In addition to the alliance diamonds of the ring, the name Diamond Queen also refers to the intriguing diamond shape pattern that the ring consists of. Slender but prestige Diamond Queen suits to be worn alongside a solitaire or some other type of ring, but it’s perfectly adequate to stand on its own too! The Diamond Queen ring, made in 750 white gold, with white w/vs diamonds, was chosen as a finalist in The Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2021. Design by Anu Kaartinen.

750 white gold
white w/vs diamonds.
Price from 2720€.

750 white gold
white w/vs diamonds.
Price from 2720€.

750 rose gold
brown diamonds.

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