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Unique life - unique jewelry
by Au3 Goldsmiths

You can order from us a personal and meaningful jewelry product. It can be a unique ring, necklace, cufflinks, everything a skillfull professional goldsmith designer can create. In this creative process you can be part of the exciting and new world of precious metals and gemstones. The design process begins with a dialogue between goldsmith and a customer. To us, it is important to fully understand what are the thoughts, ideas and wishes behind the order, since the whole creative process is based on them. Our aim is to create jewelry where all the dreams come true made of materials of the best quality. One of our most important criteria throughout the process is quality. Au3 Goldsmiths design and manufacture jewelry with uncompromising professionalism from sketches to the smallest details of final piece.

When you wish to order a unique piece, contact us by phone +358 9 436 50090, by email or come to visit us in our jewelry store in Unioninkatu 27, Helsinki

Joy of the Frosty Day,
a unique jewelry piece
by goldsmith Jussi Louesalmi

Unique necklace and ring

The Joy of the Frosty Day jewelry by goldsmith Jussi Louesalmi is made with high quality craftmanship and materials. One more special thing besides the unique design, is that the aquamarine as a centerpiece of the jewelry is moving. When the jewelry’s carrier moves, the stone reflects the light sparkling around, like freezing crystals frozen on a sunny winter day.
The Joy of the frosty day, materials 585 yellow gold, 950 palladium & aquamarines.

The Designer

Goldsmith, designer Jussi Louesalmi has graduated from Lahti Institute of Design at the School of Goldsmiths in Finland. In addition to his own wedding ring models, he produces unique jewelry in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Uncompromising precision and creativity deliver high-quality and timeless design.
“Beauty comes from small things. I am a dreamer. I want to find solutions. The solutions for me are the insights that feed my creativity. My insights are usually tiny, small things in form or content that, however, carry throughout the jewelry. I want to find the core of the shape, the basic form from which everything starts. Then you can start to add layers. For me though, finding the basic form would be enough. I enjoy the clear shapes with a catch. ”