The most important of all - Mother!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers are the best! Make your mother's day the best ever by surprising her with something she will cherish for life. Who wouldn't love to have a beautiful sapphire or a glowing diamond as a great gesture of love, appreciation and caring. Au3 Goldsmiths have jewelry in wide price range and we are sure you can find jewelry full of meanings in reasonable price. Jewelry can be made of beautiful yet affordable materials like silver or you may purchase a high quality gemstones for future jewelry piece!
Give her a gift card for amount of your choice and the gift receiver can tip in she wants to.

Inspiration for gifts on Mother's Day

New life for jewelry

Jewelry hidden in drawer, what a waste! Bring your outdated or unused jewelry to Au3 Goldsmiths. In our hands old hidden gems like rings, earrings and necklaces, come to life with new twist.

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